Hello! Had an issue with 3.0 installation. By default special UTF8 characters were not showing, so on vanilla install, had to uncomment these lines in **includes/db_adodb** to solve the problem: * /** This explicitly sets the character set of the connection. */ //if('mysql' == w2PgetConfig('dbtype') && '' != $charset) { // $sql = \"SET NAMES $charset\"; // $db->Execute($sql); //} * Could You please update it in repository? A.

asked 17 Dec '13, 04:32

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asked 17 Dec '13, 04:32

What will this do to existing installations that didn't have this enabled before? Will it damage their data?

(17 Dec '13, 06:16) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

Hi, i dunno much about special characters and mysql. We have some special characters in german language and after updating from 2.4 -> 3.0 all my special characters screwed up, so i went to database and did some "search and replace". Everything lookes fine, but new established projects, logs, and tasks got screwed characters in the database. I tried this fix. After uncommenting these lines i had to redo the "search and replace" within my database. Now everything works like in the good old 2.4 days.nTo sum it up: I think it may not have damaged my data, if i would not have changed it by hand.

(02 Jan '14, 03:08) japhwe japhwe's gravatar image
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