I'm guessing this one has something to do with \"some old crappola stuck in my db somewhere\", but here goes.....RE: the tabs in the Project View...I know how to add/change them but I'm getting an extra tab. (The image below is a compilation of 6 images, each corresponding with the numbered notes immediately below.) 1. This is the current view: 2. ...and this is the current settings in System Lookup Values: 3. As you see, there is no \"Archived\" tab option (I may very well have created that in the past; probably so.) But as you can see above, it's not there, nor is it available in the Project Status drop-down via the interface: 4. IF I add \"Archived\" to the System Lookup Values I'll get TWO Archived tabs in the Project View. 5. and here's the two Archived tabs that result. 6. ...and this is at the top of the same page, fyi... ![alt text][1] [1]: /storage/temp/9-projectdone.gif My db flotsam, perhaps some jetsam thrown in, or an error in the program?? Thoughts?

asked 16 Dec '13, 07:36

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asked 16 Dec '13, 07:36

When you edit a project, uncheck \"Project Active\" and it will show up on the Archived and All tabs but none of the others.
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answered 16 Dec '13, 08:04

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answered 16 Dec '13, 08:04

Is the "Archived" tab something I may have done in thee past that's "left-over" in my db, or does it "come with the program"? I'm guessing the latter...

(16 Dec '13, 08:45) Altstatten Altstatten's gravatar image

"Archived" comes with the system.. anything that has the "Active" box unchecked on the Project Add/Edit screen will be under Archived.

(17 Dec '13, 13:42) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image
I remember something similiar which came up by upgrading from dotproject. It was related with handling of active/not active, and an extra archived Status, if I remember correctly. Maybe that's it? You might be able to find something in the old Forums or Mantis under my userid (opto). Klaus
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answered 17 Dec '13, 19:46

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answered 17 Dec '13, 19:46

@caseydk answered it correctly above. Thanks for the input, though.

(18 Dec '13, 05:33) Altstatten Altstatten's gravatar image
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