If I set project start date to Sunday, it is shifted automatically to Monday.\nSame for task start dates.\nTo make it worse, this is not consistent in w2p. Do we want that? I am interested in comments. Alternative: give a warning but leave it as is?\nCurrently, I cannot start my journey to the airport on a Sunday, it is autoshifted to Monday, even if the plane does leave on Sunday. I could envision: on manual date entry, leave as is but give warning.\nOn automatic date calculation - move by xx days, importtasks? What would be desirable? At the moment, this seems really chaotic. It prevents precise planning. Klaus

asked 16 Feb '14, 11:19

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Theoretically, using the Holidays (Working Time) module should allow any non-working/ public holiday to be declared a working day but there's a "feature" at the moment that stops weekends being assigned as working days. Task logs seem to read the state of the Holidays module but the main application (Calendar) doesn't in V3.1. It does do so in V2.4.nI would push for consistency. Cheers, Sasquatch

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more information: in current git, add task does not seem to shift a task off a weekend day to a working day. Import task, however, does shift tasks to working days. Even worse, the criterion in importtasks is the working day in timezone UTC, not the user's TZ working day. I propose to take this out of importtasks. Any objections? Problems: especially in a multi-timezone context, this can create multiple unforeseen problems. Consider a task starting Monday 7am in Europe. If the coworker in California opens it to set % complete, it would be shifted to his Monday if done automatically (it originally starts on his Sunday at 10pm). So I propose a) to take this out or b) to have a global switch to disable it.
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