in a new install from git with one project, the import tasks select list for projects is empty. If I add another project, there should be this one project, shouldn't it? Klaus

asked 15 Feb '14, 22:26

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after looking at the code, is there any specific reason why now the import is restricted to import from template projects? 1) if so, the text should be changed to: import from template 2) as we do not have a 'copy project' action, import is the only way to copy projects as of now. This is now no longer possible without changing the project status. If a typical development process would be: create template-> import to project -> somewhat revise this -> copy (import) into new template: this is now no longer possible. Now, if I want to copy/import a project, I have to set the status to template, import the tasks, set the status back to what it was. That workflow is not really desirable. What we need is a) import similiar to what we have b) a copy that can copy any project we want to duplify. Klaus
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answered 16 Feb '14, 09:58

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