I just upgraded to 3.1 and I am noticing a few issues, just starting out. 1. When I click on \"Edit this User\" button (using default Web2Project Macinscott theme) I see \"asdfasdfas adsfasdfasd\" under department and I do not have the ability to change \"User Type\" for any current user. Users that never logged in still show as \"Default User\". 2. I am not able to delete any users. No delete button exists anywhere. I can removed their role, but I cannot remove the user. 3. For users with a User Type of \"default user\" when I select a company from the drop down, and then save, I get the following error...\"Missing file. Possible Module \"users\" missing!\" 4. When I go to \"Companies\" select a company then go to the \"departments\" tab, then select a department in the list, I get the following error \"Unknown column 'company_id' in 'field list'. I also cannot assign a project to any department listed in the selection box. I highlight the department, click save, go back in and no department has been assigned. 5. When I attempt to assign a user Permission for \"User Table\", I get the following error \"acl_query(): ACO Section: application ACO Value: delete ARO Section: user ARO Value 3 ACL ID: Result:\"

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asked 30 Jan '14, 06:06

Some quick tips for posting and getting answers.. 1 - Limit your posts to one question/problem each. That way people can answer that particular question/problem and nothing gets forgotten. 2 - Before posting, look around and search. Your #1 and 2 are already listed here: http://support.web2project.net/questions/452/deleting-a-user-in-v31.html

(30 Jan '14, 06:59) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image
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