Hi everybody, I recently deployed web2project in my company and all my colleagues enjoy this tool. We're currently testing web2project and today we want to modify some aspects of it. So, where can I found some documentations that explain how web2project works, what are the basis of web2project, the link between the differents files and more .. ? Any help will be appreciate ! :) Thanks. PS : I alreday read the wiki but I didn't find any clue on the way that w2p works. Of curse, any changes will be proposed/shared whith this community.

asked 26 Jan '14, 23:02

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asked 26 Jan '14, 23:02

Did you find the Module Building Guide - http://docs.web2project.net/ ?

That lays out the individual module files, how they interact, and some do/do-not suggestions.

If you have specific questions, I'm happy to answer them and will add whatever I can to the Wiki. :)

And welcome.

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answered 29 Jan '14, 12:16

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Hi caseydk, Thanks for your answer. I've already read this guide but I didn't find what I search. I would like to have some documentation on the core module, not to made a fork of web2project but just to improve it for our utilisation (I'm not saying that web2project isn't improve ^^) Hope this documentation exists ! The mainly goal it's to try to understand the mechanism of web2project and modify some aspects of it. Regards, v.bodin

(29 Jan '14, 21:59) v.bodin v.bodin's gravatar image

What I need it's the documentation of the differents w2p functions. I'm currently writing a wiki on our personnal one and the main goal is to have the software documentation (as a javadoc). I'll obviously share all my work with the w2p community. Hope you have a snippet of documentation (even if that's only code comments) With that, everyone who'll want to help you to developp w2p would be able to.

(31 Jan '14, 03:45) v.bodin v.bodin's gravatar image

Ok caseydk, it seems to be what I need but unfortunately I don't have those tools. Could you please update this files here ? Regards,

(03 Feb '14, 06:46) v.bodin v.bodin's gravatar image
there used to be some training files (videos) any link that works please?
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answered 03 Feb '14, 00:14

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answered 03 Feb '14, 00:14

i've restored the videos here: http://web2project.net/videos/ Please note that they were recorded for web2project v1.0 and we're currently on v3.1, so some of the screens will be out of date.

(03 Feb '14, 07:46) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image
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