My site has been running flawlessly for well over a year. Then all of a sudden yesterday 2/12/18, I went to go to "My Task" link, pressed it and a dialog box came up asking me if i want to download index.php or save it. I took some screen shots of what i am talking about. I also captured the code with web developer tools and as you can see the line My Tasks is there and associated with the link.

I am at a loss here. I was going to load some screenshots but it appears that is not an option here.

I appreciate anything anyone can do.

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asked 13 Feb '18, 11:58

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I'd recommend checking out your PHP version. It's possible it was upgraded - and the underlying Apache config - was broken in the process.

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answered 26 Feb '18, 01:47

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Thank You usual you were dead on the money....I had upgraded to PHP version 7, not thinking. Had the account reset to 5.4 on my hosted server and Bingo.

(26 Feb '18, 17:56) gwildgoose gwildgoose's gravatar image

Glad to hear you got it fixed. Happy hacking!

(28 Feb '18, 16:33) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image
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