I modified the notebook module to work in w2p3.4.

It allows to add 'notes' to a variety of objects: to projects, tasks, etc.

I also added an Wysiwig editor (CKEDITOR) so a nice layout of the notes is possible, including tables and other elements. Later will come (hopefully) drag n drop adding of images, files etc.

It also allows to paste formatted text and tables from Word and Excel - not yet graphics (like charts)

It works here but is experimental. You can get it at: https://github.com/opto/web2project-notebook/tree/notebook_for_w2p_3.x You need the branch notebook_for _w2p_3.x. Beware: master is still for w2p2.x

After more use/testing, I will put it to github/web2project/notebook.


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By now, I have a version of notebook which also allows to add images and file references to a note. The files will then be uploaded to w2p's file repository. Clicking the link in the note will open the file. I think that is in my private git repository (opto).


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answered 07 Jan '19, 00:55

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