Here's the roadmap going forward:

v3.4 will be a cleanup release. It will be focused on fixing or merging fixes for a ton of open issues with few (if any) new features but will fully support PHP7. The v3.3 release was rougher than I thought and it was my fault. @Opto and others have been suffering the consequences and this should simplify those things. My goal is to get this wrapped and shipped by 31 January.

v3.5 will be a normal minor release. That means some new features, potentially some fixes, and general improvement of the system. My goal is to get this wrapped and shipped by 30 April.

v4.0 will be a normal major release. While web2project will handle its own migration as usual, this will remove some old functions (anything marked deprecated in v2.x), provide some new features & functionality, and increase the minimum PHP version to 5.6. That means breaking changes so you may need to update your customizations and/or modules. My goal is to get this wrapped and shipped by 30 July but have the full list of changes documented by the v3.5 release.

You can view the status of open issues & features for any of these releases here: Change the project in the upper right corner to see a specific release.

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