The hoover tool-tips in the calendar view do not seem to parse the HTML tags and thus show some pretty gibberish stuff in W2P 3.10. Would be also cool if the calendar would become a bit more interactive via a js script like this: A ical export and a way to sync your calendar with a google calendar would be awesome too.

asked 22 Jan '14, 19:58

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asked 22 Jan '14, 19:58

try the planner module in opto/github. I am not sure whether it is ok for 3.1 you can drag/drop events, have a personal task list, pull tasks as events into your calendar, set % complete and others. it works with 3.0 pre here. Not sure how many changes Keith did to core - whether it needs some finetuning. Klaus
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answered 22 Jan '14, 23:34

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answered 22 Jan '14, 23:34

That would be awesome, but it is nowhere to be found on github: or am I looking at the wrong place?

(22 Jan '14, 23:55) Julius Julius's gravatar image

seems I haven't uploaded yet. I am using this for quite some time to do day planning - i-e. which of my many tasks do I want today at which time.nI am on a business trip - uploading will take a few days.nKlaus

(23 Jan '14, 00:57) opto ♦ opto's gravatar image
you can find the upload in the old forum posts.
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answered 23 Jan '14, 13:13

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answered 23 Jan '14, 13:13

I tried that one, but on 3.10 it just gives me a blank page (in normal view and also for the configuration view). But I am really looking forward to try it. Thanks!

(23 Jan '14, 19:35) Julius Julius's gravatar image

Really good idea to look at the web server logs as to why you got a white screen. If I recall, I had similar issues but worked through them pretty quickly. Cheers, Sasquatch

(23 Jan '14, 19:42) sasquatch58 sasquatch58's gravatar image

I am using it on a shared server, and neither the cpanel errorlog nor the webconsole in Firefox shows up any related errors as far as I can tell.

(23 Jan '14, 22:01) Julius Julius's gravatar image
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