The ability to edit the gnatt interactively is really userfriendly and there seems to have been a plugin for it: However when I tried it a while back with 3.0rc1 it din't seem to do anything at all. Any chance this could be made to work in the new 3.10?\nIn fact such a function should be in the core :) Thanks!

asked 17 Jan '14, 06:29

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asked 17 Jan '14, 06:29

I updated the planner module for 3.1 and will post it this week.\nIt allows planning the working day - i.e. dragging tasks into the day/week calendar (as events) to specific times so I can plan when I want to do part of them.\nDouble clicking colours them green so at the end of the day I can see what I actually did (or at least started), and which I was distracted from by other things. It also allows drag and dropand resize on events, quick update of % complete for tasks etc. It also has an interactive gantt chart of the my todo tasks. They can be dragged and resized.\nThe same for the project oriented list will follow. Klaus
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answered 29 Jan '14, 22:48

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answered 29 Jan '14, 22:48

cool, looking forward to try it!

(29 Jan '14, 22:59) Julius Julius's gravatar image

Oh... sexy. I'm looking forward to seeing it. :)

(30 Jan '14, 06:54) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

Any update? It doesn't seem to be on your github yet.nBut thanks for making this available!

(03 Feb '14, 00:50) Julius Julius's gravatar image

I will try to do it tomorrow or Wednesday. I think currently, I will leave it as is and see what comments will come in. Klaus

(03 Feb '14, 13:17) opto ♦ opto's gravatar image
no, actually, I never got it running in w2p. Neither in later versions of dP (didn't try recently). Currently, I am doing something similiar: editing projects using task drag and drop in gantt.\nHad it 95% working, didn't have time for it for 3 months, and now something is broken.\nMay need a month .... Klaus
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answered 17 Jan '14, 07:00

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answered 17 Jan '14, 07:00

Cool, looking forward to a new release then! A mini release with just the gantt feature would be perfectly fine.

(17 Jan '14, 07:09) Julius Julius's gravatar image

Just for reference:n seems very nice too and could be maybe added to web2project?

(19 Jan '14, 20:40) Julius Julius's gravatar image

Or this: Most fully featured seems this: (GPL)

(19 Jan '14, 20:57) Julius Julius's gravatar image

yes, I reviewed all these and am using a similar one, which shows task dependencies and also dynamic (parent) tasks, as we have in w2p. Also a non GPL (MIT or BSD) licence. Will come sometime soon. Klaus

(19 Jan '14, 22:07) opto ♦ opto's gravatar image
see here:
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answered 04 Feb '14, 08:37

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