do individual task permissions work at the moment? I haven't used this for a long time. What I did on a new install: give access/view/edit etc. to project worker role for all non admin modules.\nCreated user with this role. Created all projects and tasks as admin. Took one task, set it to access denied for the project worker. If I use his login, I can see the task. I shouldn't, should I? If I look at vw_tasks.php, I see old code doing a lot with permissions, but the task tree is then build by getTaskTree(). , ignoring the stuff done before. Maybe that does not take these permissions into account.? Anybody else made any experiences around this? Or do I remember the usage in wrong way? Klaus

asked 03 Jul '16, 15:04

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just to verify for whom is interested: getTaskTree() forgets to check pwermissions.\nEven worse, for forbidden tasks, CTask->canAccess() always gives true. But CTask->load(id) cannot load it, so task_name== NULL is a good indication that task cannot be accessed. I will use something along those lines to repair the task view to respect permissions. Klaus
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