When we select \"projects\", the actual date, if is early than end date, showns on red color, where this should be in opposite, Red color means the project is delay, so this will make a confusion to the user. If the project is really dealy, it will shows the actual date in black color, this is working in the opposite way. How to fix this?? it seems a problem of condition when setting the color to the date. Help to solve this issue will be greatly appreciated. Luis

asked 27 Apr '16, 03:06

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Edit file �\\classes\\w2p\\Output\\HTMLHelper.class.php�, line 217 and replace it with: ---------- $style = (($actual_end_date > $end_date) && !empty $end_date)) ? 'style=\"background:#ff0000; color:#800000; font-weight:bold\"' : 'style=\"background:#66ff33; color:#003300; font-weight:bold\"'; ---------- Feel free to play with the colors, till they suit you. First one should be red, second one should be green
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answered 27 Apr '16, 06:27

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answered 27 Apr '16, 06:27

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