How frequently are commits / pull requests tested and merged for a release? I keep finding and patching a lot of functional problems which are inhibiting proper functionality - they're annoying and I've fixed many of them while and others are waiting for the fixes. So in addition to seeing a number of pull requests waiting, I'm wondering what is required to get these fixes incorporated into GitHub? Specifically - I have already fixed and logged into mantis the following: 0001686 Gantt Chart JPGraph PHP Error (owner_ids) Gantt Chart Generation - 2016-02-05 19:59 0001685 User Log Doesn't Work Core Infrastructure - 2016-02-04 16:19 0001684 Active Sessions Display does not display \"End User Session\" or \"Force User Logout\" buttons User Admin - 2016-02-03 21:25 0001683 Administrators cannot set user preferences / only user can set preferences Core Infrastructure - 2016-02-02 22:21 Thanks All and although I'm new to web2project - I really love the potential here. Anyone who can provide me with the proper protocol to getting these shared properly - I'd appreciate the guidance.

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well .... at the moment, Keith is out of the picture, enjoying his first baby. I, unfortunately, don't have commit rights to the main repo.\nOn the other hand, in the last two years, Keith has done tons of changes in the rather old code base - making it more recent, but also breaking functionality, just as happens if you do a lot of work. Since then I have a parallel repo at github with the intent on keeping and enhancing functionality (the latter got a bit lost in the main repo).\nThis repo is always based on the most recent official release (see under announcements). So if you send your pull requests there, I can put it in and we will have at least some progression from 3.3.66. And Keith will have a good basis for enhancing the main repo, with many relevant fixes in one repo only. Unfortunately, I also have been limited in time in the last three months by a project which went difficult, but that seems to be finished in two weeks time. My repo is at\n(branch w2p_opto_after3.3.66). It has some bugfixes on the functionalities we need at my company.I also have risks and other submodules working, but they are not (yet) in that branch, I think).\nI also have some interactive stuff (edit in table, rearrange task order by mouse drag'drop, interactive calendar, gannt, etc.), but not in that branch.
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Thanks! Do you know which branches have those features? Those are things that I'm interested in helping to move forward (functionality) if you can recall which branches support which features.

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