I have a list of about 50 sub-tasks under a parent task. I want to copy (not move) all 50 of these sub-tasks to a new parent. Is it possible? Example: A. Draw a picture representative of each state. 1. Alaska 2. Washington 3. California 4. etc B. Write a poem about each state. (copy the state list here?)

asked 17 May '15, 16:51

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asked 17 May '15, 16:51

I am trying to do this, for dublication only, under the same company and project. I will keep you informed, on how things go.\nDid you give it a try yourself?
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answered 28 May '15, 03:28

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answered 28 May '15, 03:28

there is a Workaround. Enter the Tasks to be copied onto a Project, Status template. Now, you can Import them into another prject from the Project edit Screen.\nWhen I tired that last, one could even do that several times. Next, go to Project designer and choose the correct parent Tasks for the newly imported Tasks. At least in a previous w2p Version, Import did reproduce Task trees found in the template Project. Klaus
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answered 29 May '15, 09:11

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answered 29 May '15, 09:11

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