I *think* we didn't have this before, does it make sense: If the actual project end is earlier than projected project end, it is displayed in red. Why? It is not overdue. I don't see a problem if the project would be finished early?\nSo this feels like a bug. It should only be red if it is overdue. If any, it could be green to indicate it is on time. Today's git version. Klaus

asked 12 May '15, 11:54

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edited 27 Apr '16, 17:38

Edit file \classes\w2p\Output\HTMLHelper.class.php, line 217 and replace it with:

$style = (($actual_end_date > $end_date) && !empty $end_date)) ? 'style=\"background:#ff0000; color:#800000; font-weight:bold\"' : 'style=\"background:#66ff33; color:#003300; font-weight:bold\"';

Feel free to play with the colors, till they suit you. First one should be red, second one should be green

Luis also asked the same question...

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answered 27 Apr '16, 06:31

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edited 08 Jan '17, 03:25

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put it into 3.4 in a somewhat less 'agressive' optics. thanks, Klaus
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answered 27 Apr '16, 15:20

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answered 27 Apr '16, 15:20

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