Sorry for being gone for so long. I'm back and will dive through the issue/message queue in the coming few days. For those of you who don't know: On 22 January, my wife and I welcomed our first son into the world. His name is Quinn Alexander (QA, ha!) and everyone is healthy and happy and more than a bit tired. Between that and my \"regular\" job, it's been challenging to keep my head above water but things are reaching a new equilibrium now.
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Congratulations on the new addition !!
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answered 02 Jul '15, 15:53

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answered 02 Jul '15, 15:53

Congrats on the new arrival Keith! Awesome handle you gave him as well. He'll have big shoes to fill for sure.
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answered 06 Jul '15, 13:01

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I only see this now! Congratulations for the first children! This really change your life. A hug!
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answered 07 Aug '15, 16:30

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answered 07 Aug '15, 16:30

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