I need your help in order to know if web2project could be installed on mac, it means build the installation on mac and publish web portal from this mac. regards.

asked 18 Feb '15, 12:23

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asked 18 Feb '15, 12:23

web2project is a web based application. It needs three programms to be installed on your mac, in order to work in your LAN (not neccesarily in the Internet):

  • an Apache web server.
  • PHP language support.
  • a MySQL server for the data.

There are ready packages that contain all needed components (search for xAMP where x is M for Mac for you, for me it is W for Windows).

Yet, it means that YOU are responsible for the security of your Mac as web server. You REALLY don't want this. These options are good only to develop something (e.g. develop/modify an web application, set up a web site etc) OFFLINE and then, when you are ready, to move your work to a dedicated web server.

Hope it cleared things for you.

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answered 11 Mar '15, 03:24

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I use MAMP on my Mac for all development. It's the closest to a Linux/Unix environment I can get while still benefitting from some commercial software.

Anyway, yes it is entirely possible. But make sure you know how to properly maintain a Mac web server.

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answered 29 Dec '16, 10:55

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