Please some one help me to solve my issue with project window. I did clean installation as per your documentation. I think everything works other than project window. I attached 2 screenshot that may help you to find the issue. (after i finish filling all required information inside project window. When i hit Save button nothing happens) Later i noticed company name field missing inside my project window.\nFirst\n\nSecond \nLooking to solve my issue asap.\nThanks in advance...

asked 31 Dec '13, 13:43

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retagged 01 Jan '14, 10:27

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caseydk ♦♦

You are correct. The company field is indeed missing from my current install, too. I checked a previous install from 3-4 days ago and the Company Name field is there, so this is just an oversight. Once @caseydk sees this post, he'll probably address it. Patience...

(31 Dec '13, 14:50) Altstatten Altstatten's gravatar image

Thanks for this fix. Now its working

(01 Jan '14, 21:10) Richard Richard's gravatar image

Fixed in the latest development.
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answered 01 Jan '14, 10:38

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caseydk ♦♦
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answered 01 Jan '14, 10:38

I just installed the new addedit.php file and here's what I'm getting in both Chrome and FF: 1. New Company: appears to be working fine.n2. New Project: "New Project" button pulls up the Github page!n3. New Task: appears to be working fine. Next New Years Eve, spend the extra buck-a-bottle on the good champagne, Keith! ;)

(01 Jan '14, 17:27) Altstatten Altstatten's gravatar image

Belay that last wise-crack. I downloaded/installed the entire package and all 3 elements are working just fine in Chrome and FF. They still don't work in IE, though.

(01 Jan '14, 17:45) Altstatten Altstatten's gravatar image
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