I ran through the installation for a linux machine in the wiki [for creating a new install](http://wiki.web2project.net/index.php?title=Installation). After running through and creating `/var/www/web2project/includes/config.php` and copy/pasting the contents of the file in I click \"Login and Check the web2project System Environment\" and nothing comes up - just a completely white screen. Contents of config.php: :/var/www/html/web2project/includes$ cat config.php Copyright (c) 2003-2007 The dotProject Development Team * * * INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS * * * Point your browser to install/index.php and follow the prompts. It is no longer necessary to manually create config.php unless the web server cannot write to the includes directory. Regardless, this file is used as a template for the autogeneration of the config.php during the installation process and should not by modified by hand. */ $w2Pconfig['dbtype'] = 'mysqli'; // ONLY MySQL is supported at present $w2Pconfig['dbchar'] = 'utf8'; // The character set used in the database $w2Pconfig['dbhost'] = 'localhost'; $w2Pconfig['dbname'] = 'web2proj'; // Your web2Project Database Name $w2Pconfig['dbuser'] = 'root'; // Your MySQL Username $w2Pconfig['dbpass'] = '''; // Your MySQL Password $w2Pconfig['dbprefix'] = ''; // The prefix used for db table names // set this value to true to use persistent database connections $w2Pconfig['dbpersist'] = false; /***************** Configuration for DEVELOPERS use only! ******/ // Root directory and base_url are automatically set to avoid // getting them wrong. They are not the same. $w2Pconfig['root_dir'] = W2P_BASE_DIR; $w2Pconfig['base_url'] = W2P_BASE_URL; I don't know much about lamp stacks, so I'm really not sure where to go with this to even try to debug.

asked 22 Oct '14, 16:34

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asked 22 Oct '14, 16:34

which vrsion of w2p? also, in $w2Pconfig['dbpass'] = '''; // Your MySQL Password it looks as if there is a third ', should be '' only. Klaus
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answered 22 Oct '14, 17:07

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answered 22 Oct '14, 17:07

Version 3.3. That's not a mistake for the SQL password - this is my test environment and my test password is '

(22 Oct '14, 18:45) musher musher's gravatar image

Then you can't use the single quote to wrap it.. you need to do either: $w2Pconfig['dbpass'] = '\''; //single quote escaped with a slash OR $w2Pconfig['dbpass'] = "'"; //double quotes wrapping a single quote

(22 Oct '14, 21:03) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image
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