I was under the impression that companies are at the top of the permission hierarchy. So if I have a guest role and the user has access, view, edit .. permissions on a company, he should be able to see the company menu item and the list should have one entry. And if he has access to a company and view on a project of that company, he should be able to see the project list with that single project.->doesn't come up. Other than that, currently the wiki does not come up with any usable page with the search terms permission or permissions.

asked 11 Oct '14, 05:09

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asked 11 Oct '14, 05:09

workaround (takes away a bit of the access protection, but...) give access to all companies (why should that be necessary?) then give view access to one company unfortunately, that does not work on files? Or am I doing something wrong?
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answered 11 Oct '14, 05:54

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answered 11 Oct '14, 05:54

I don't believe we support file-specific permissions.. I'm going to remove that when I get a chance.

(11 Oct '14, 19:56) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

that is a pity. see my comment in mantis, maybe it is easy to add.nThat would be good to have to distribute files to customers

(12 Oct '14, 06:01) opto ♦ opto's gravatar image
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