The width of the 'All Tasks' options box in the Dependencies subview at **/index.php?m=tasks&a=addedit&task_id=3** is insufficient to fully display the task description. I need to widen that. On page source view from browser I can see it is line 345 (currently width:220px) but can't find the file. Can someone kindly tell me where the html file is to be found?\nThank you

asked 11 Oct '14, 01:57

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asked 11 Oct '14, 01:57

Turns out it's some nasty legacy code. You can see the code here:\n Tweak the 45 to whatever value makes the most sense for you.
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answered 15 Oct '14, 20:34

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caseydk ♦♦
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commented 15 Oct '14, 20:34

OK, found the file: style/_common/tasks/addedit_depend.php. That solves box width. However, the task description is still truncated in the box. Where would that string length be set?\nThank you.
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answered 11 Oct '14, 02:19

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answered 11 Oct '14, 02:19

Is the entire string stored in the database? I can't think of anything that would shorten the value itself..

(11 Oct '14, 19:54) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

I would assume that the whole task description is stored in DB(no other way). I have the display box larger now, but the string length is limited somewhere. If I know where, it can be set longer. Let me know if you have a brainwave...,

(12 Oct '14, 12:08) nuddernuby nuddernuby's gravatar image

Attached is a screenshot showing where the task name is truncated - shown in red circle. In this case the drawing reference (essential)is cut off.![alt text][1] [1]: /storage/temp/199-w2p+edit+dependencies+screenshot.pngn,

(13 Oct '14, 07:14) nuddernuby nuddernuby's gravatar image

Thanks. I'll have a look at that.,

(16 Oct '14, 07:22) nuddernuby nuddernuby's gravatar image
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