We've had a ton of fixes and improvements on the 3.2.x branch that has made the system better, faster, and easier to use. As a result, I've just rolled a v3.3 release to encourage people to get on the latest version.

As always, you can download it here:


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asked 07 Oct '14, 19:07

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Hello Casey. Do you have the 4.0 release ready yet? No pressure really, but is it done :) We are wanting to do a number of edits, trying to avoid editing any core files for sake of updating, but there are some cases this will be unavoidable. For example, we are getting notices in the page, like \"Edit Users Preferences\" which reads: Notice: AppUI->readDirs() has been deprecated in v3.0 and will be removed by v4.0. Please use w2p_FileSystem_Loader->readDirs() instead. in Web2Project\\Final\\classes\\w2p\\Core\\CAppUI.class.php on line 304. Or if we click Users, we see: Notice: CUser::getFirstLetters has been deprecated in v3.1 and will be removed by v4.0. Please use CUser->getLetters() instead. in Web2Project\\Final\\modules\\users\\users.class.php on line 420 Anything would help! We are using the Redmond style, therefore that theme is critical related to updates as well. Where I fear once the developers get done adding in modules and updates, it will result in some upgrade complications. Thanks!
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answered 16 Oct '14, 22:05

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answered 16 Oct '14, 22:05

The v4.0 development is available here: https://github.com/web2project/web2project/tree/development-pre-4.0 I estimate that it's about half done and I'm hoping to get it wrapped within the next two months (by the end of the year).

(17 Oct '14, 12:04) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image
Thanks very much, Casey. 3.2 files all replaced with pre 4.0. From System Administration panel, I read in red: Apply System Updates -\nYour upgrade is not complete. Please apply the updates immediately. I assume the pre 4.0 update has been setup to note a variance in file content? That this warning is not an indication of a system crippling complication? When I now click on \"Users Roles\" under the System Administration panel, a blank page loads? Same with \"Users Permissions Information\". If I click on User Management (User Admin) and click to edit a user, the page loads blank? Any quick fix would be greatly appreciate. In limbo with developers and system work with these errors. Thanks. (Emailing you directly as well, since this is a critical issue.)
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answered 18 Oct '14, 02:10

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answered 18 Oct '14, 02:10

v4.0 should not be run in production. As noted above, it's approximately half done. To apply those updates, simply click the link that the system provides there. To get rid of the notices, turn them off by setting display_errors to zero. It shouldn't cause any problems.

(18 Oct '14, 02:16) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

Okay.. it might be good to add to notice: click 'Apply System Updates' to apply updates, where that is not immediately obvious. The API updates needed applied: Database update - 055_cleanup_tables.sql - applied Database update - 056_add_email_templates.sql - applied Database update - 057_add_more_templates.sql - applied Database update - 058_pluggable_files.sql - applied Database update - 059_remove_permissionable.sql - applied After applying, the links above mentioned still load blank pages... only those three links fail, I cannot find any other errors. Any possibility of a easy fix?

(18 Oct '14, 02:37) Inndesign Inndesign's gravatar image

Oh.. and on each page, Welcome Server time is... blank. Script is not fetching the server time :)

(18 Oct '14, 02:47) Inndesign Inndesign's gravatar image
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