The dokuwiki module allows to attach dokuwiki pages to Projects, Tasks and contacts.\nThey will be displayed in an extra tab in the view of Tasks, etc. We use this for planning, discussion and Exchange about what Needs to be done in a Task/Project.\nAlso, dokuwiki can be accessed from a main menu item. If some code is added to the view.php, the Tabs Header can indicate whether the dokuwiki page does already exist, without actually opening the tab. I am planning to add a similiar Feature to the risk module, so that one can actually work and Exchange ideas on the risks on the risk view page. The code is available at github:\nYou can check out with git or use the download as zip button on the right.\nUnzip, Copy to modules subdirectry and install using sysadmin. Klaus

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Woohoo. This is great news but doesn't require an answer.
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