Hi, Just did a fresh/clean install of 3.2. It went off without any issues. I've started building out the roles, but I've ran into a couple of problems that appear to be bugs. 1. Once a user is given the admin role, it can't be taken away. Other roles seem to work fine. 2. After creating a new role and assigning permissions, I am unable to edit those permissions. All it allows me to do is create another set of permissions on the role. I guess I could delete the roles and create new ones, but then I would have to go through all the users and reassign them to the new roles. !=fun I used to use dotProject and used w2p back in the 1.x days. Wanted/needed to use it again, but these bugs are slowing down adoption. This stuff used to work and it wasn't hard. I'm hoping there is an easy fix or I've missed something. Any ideas? TIA.

asked 15 Sep '14, 14:44

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asked 15 Sep '14, 14:44

I'm sorry you're running into issues. I've flagged this thread to check it out this weekend. I wish I could get to it sooner. :(

(18 Sep '14, 15:17) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

The first bug is worse than I thought. It isn't that you can't take the admin role away, it is assigned as a default of sorts. Here's what I found when testing. I created a user and gave her the Project Worker role. I attempted to deactivate this user by removing the role. The system reported that the role had been removed and it was, but when the screen refreshed, the user now had the admin role, which was never assigned to her. I verified that she really had the role by logging in with that user and she indeed had full admin access.

(22 Sep '14, 12:18) mckinnej mckinnej's gravatar image

I was able to add the Project Worker role back to the account, but I could not remove the admin role. The only way I have been able to get her fixed is to nuke the account from the database.

(22 Sep '14, 12:22) mckinnej mckinnej's gravatar image

Was this fixed in 3.3? We've delayed our rollout because of this one and it got pushed to the back burner. Now it's rising to the top again. I saw something that sounded related in the release notes, so I thought I'd ask to make sure. Thanks.

(07 Nov '14, 12:47) mckinnej mckinnej's gravatar image
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