I have a problem in updating from 2.3.0 to 3.0.0.RC1. I screwed up two things: 1 I forgot to change the theme to default before upgrade and 2 I don't understand what I should do in the Modules:Category step. The upgrade claimed to go ok, and once I changed the theme to default and logged out and back in the pages come up. However I get an error on companies, projects files, etc. Calendar and Contacts comes up as expected they all are similar - here is the error on companies tab. ERROR: /media/sdb1/www/w2p/classes/w2p/Database/Query.class.php(1138) : query failed(SELECT module_config_value, module_config_text FROM ((`module_config` AS module_config)) WHERE module_name = 'companies' AND module_config_name = 'index_list' ORDER BY module_config_order, module_config_value ASC) - error was: Table 'dotproject.module_config' doesn't exist Backtrace: 0 /media/sdb1/www/w2p/classes/w2p/Database/Query.class.php:1138 dprint() 1 /media/sdb1/www/w2p/classes/w2p/Database/Query.class.php:1203 exec() 2 /media/sdb1/www/w2p/classes/w2p/Core/Module.class.php:285 loadHashList() 3 /media/sdb1/www/w2p/modules/companies/vw_companies.php:14 loadSettings() 4 /media/sdb1/www/w2p/style/w2p-snowball/overrides.php:107 require() 5 /media/sdb1/www/w2p/modules/companies/index.php:66 show() 6 /media/sdb1/www/w2p/index.php:274 require() Table 'dotproject.module_config' doesn't exist Where to start? Crossposted from:\nhttp://web2project.uservoice.com/forums/225852-i-need-help-with-/suggestions/4867650-upgrade-from-2-3-0-to-3-0-0-rc1

asked 14 Dec '13, 09:27

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Ted Schober commented � November 10, 2013 8:14 am I looked at the database, and there is no table 'module_config". What is the structure for this table, and what should be populated within the table? I will make it by hand.

(14 Dec '13, 09:28) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

Ted commented � November 14, 2013 10:35 pm I tried CREATE TABLE module_config, and it would not make the table. even though phpMyadmin did not show the table, it was in the dictionary. SHOW TABLES did list it however. DROP TABLE module_config did the trick and I was able to execute the SQL in 032_module_config.sql and make and populate the table. Fixed! Hooray! Not a bug, just a crash on install.
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answered 14 Dec '13, 09:28

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