Has anyone tried the Bootstrap theme - https://github.com/web2project/style-bootstrap ? What do you think? How could we make it better?

asked 08 Sep '14, 23:35

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caseydk ♦♦
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asked 08 Sep '14, 23:35

Hi, I closely follow the evolution of boostrap theme since many months, because it could become a great user-friendly alternative to others default themes. However, the last extract of bootstrap theme from Github seems not work with the last release of web2project (a white page is displayed after style update via user preferences panel). Any idea for fixing it ?\nThanks.
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answered 11 Sep '14, 06:10

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answered 11 Sep '14, 06:10

Not off the top of my head. Are you getting any sort of errors in the PHP error logs?

(11 Sep '14, 14:46) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

Hi, Well, 1 PHP error is logged : PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method style_bootstrap::loadHeaderJS() in /var/www/html/virtualdomains/14797/dotproject.reseaucci.net/www/style/bootstrap/header.php on line 49 And 1 PHP notice : PHP Notice: w2PgetCleanParam() has been deprecated in v3.1 and will be removed in v4.0. Use w2PgetParam() instead. in /var/www/html/virtualdomains/14797/dotproject.reseaucci.net/www/includes/deprecated_functions.php on line 375 Any idea ?

(12 Sep '14, 04:08) cci-sel cci-sel's gravatar image

Hi, The PHP errors occured with 3.1 release. I just updated to 3.2.75 (lastest master development version, extracted from Github). Since the update, I can't login to web2project (connexion is refused). Also, the "forgotten password" process doesn't work (nothing happened after form submit).

(16 Sep '14, 05:09) cci-sel cci-sel's gravatar image

The problem only impact my dev server, no consequences for the production. Take your time to look at this.

(19 Sep '14, 06:37) cci-sel cci-sel's gravatar image
Casey, could you provide a link to a ZIP file with a downloadable and FTP installable Bootstrap theme, so that we could examine it's potential? Did you find the error described above, where we would like to gain a mostly bug free version. Thanks!
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answered 02 Oct '14, 01:01

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answered 02 Oct '14, 01:01

I haven't been able to reproduce the error above. In the meantime, here is a download link:nhttps://github.com/web2project/style-bootstrap/archive/master.zip

(02 Oct '14, 01:05) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

Thanks Casey. Install worked fine. There are problems with the theme, like the My Info, My Tasks and Logout top right don't work. There is a white bar that strikes out fully across the icon space on every page. The stair step effect on the contacts is well, unsightly. Not complaining just observing functions and aesthetics.

(02 Oct '14, 01:53) Inndesign Inndesign's gravatar image

This interface was really looking great: http://forums.web2project.net/download/file.php?id=500&sid=7b1fd2e85369dd5124720a69cf22a4e5 and http://forums.web2project.net/download/file.php?id=516&sid=7b1fd2e85369dd5124720a69cf22a4e5 from this thread by user marcehret (who has vanished off the internet) was looking excellent: http://forums.web2project.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3881 Do you have any files from that effort for us to work with?

(02 Oct '14, 01:53) Inndesign Inndesign's gravatar image
I have this marcehret style, is attached... but I haven't tested in v3.0
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answered 12 Oct '14, 21:57

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answered 12 Oct '14, 21:57

Thanks! I've added this to github so we can keep it up to date more easily: https://github.com/caseysoftware/style-marcehret I've patched it to work with v3.x but it doesn't actually change the styles, so I think either I'm missing something or the theme is incomplete at the moment.

(12 Oct '14, 22:16) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

Thanks very much, Gnunes. The gesture of sharing is very kind of you! I have saved it for consideration. Since the discussion, I have developed my own style as spin off from the Redmond theme, with a fresh look and new icons, which is very professional looking. I do need to state that in the header.php, the emulation is out of date, sufficient to cause unexpected display results in current browsers. It reads IE=EmulateIE7, where it should be instead IE=EmulateIE9. Makes a big difference! The next release needs this update. Thanks for the github update, Casey!

(12 Oct '14, 22:22) Inndesign Inndesign's gravatar image
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