at the moment, I have four overdue projects. Have a reminder on every task: feels overwhelming Have no task reminders: feels underinformed. I am currently modifying core to allow to set task reminders individually for each task.\nOn add, the default from sysadmin is suggested, a checkbox allows to change that. Now my question: 1) On first install, we probably want to set all tasks to the default value. 2) If the default value is toggled: apply only to new tasks? Or set all tasks to new value?\nWhat do others think? 3) show reminders in a screen, but not send email? If I finish this, it will be on github (opto) in a new branch (3.2_ext or similiar).

asked 30 Aug '14, 16:31

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the fix can be found here:
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answered 02 Sep '14, 13:56

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Would a better system be to aggregate the tasks into project-based groups and send one update per project? Then you still have a single email to know what and how each project is doing.

(02 Sep '14, 16:42) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

'these are all reminders for project xxx' ... Yes, that is a good idea.nOtherwise I will have zillions of reminders every day. Also, let's have a page in w2p to show them. This info is now hidden in the my todo page. But that page shows every so tiny overdue task. To have a page showing those tasks (project-wise) that have called a reminder would help to focus to the important overdue stuff.

(03 Sep '14, 02:10) opto ♦ opto's gravatar image

I might also add an individual date for each reminder - similiar to reminders in lightning/Thunderbird, but with date only (no time of day). In principle, it might be worth to look up what the ical rfc recommends on reminders, - don't know whether I have time to look at that.

(03 Sep '14, 02:12) opto ♦ opto's gravatar image
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