When add task, date and human resources, and save, the web is down. Log files: [Fri Jul 04 10:40:57 2014] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTime::__construct() [datetime.--construct]: Failed to parse time string (2014070711001100) at position 8 (1): Double date specification' in D:\\\\wamp\\\\www\\\\web2project\\\\classes\\\\w2p\\\\Core\\\\CAppUI.class.php:232\\nStack trace:\\n#0 D:\\\\wamp\\\\www\\\\web2project\\\\classes\\\\w2p\\\\Core\\\\CAppUI.class.php(232): DateTime->__construct('201407071100110...', Object(DateTimeZone))\\n#1 D:\\\\wamp\\\\www\\\\web2project\\\\modules\\\\tasks\\\\tasks.class.php(484): w2p_Core_CAppUI->convertToSystemTZ('201407071100110...')\\n#2 D:\\\\wamp\\\\www\\\\web2project\\\\modules\\\\tasks\\\\do_task_aed.php(27): CTask->bind(Array)\\n#3 D:\\\\wamp\\\\www\\\\web2project\\\\index.php(224): require('D:\\\\wamp\\\\www\\\\web...')\\n#4 {main}\\n thrown in D:\\\\wamp\\\\www\\\\web2project\\\\classes\\\\w2p\\\\Core\\\\CAppUI.class.php on line 232, referer:

asked 04 Jul '14, 04:43

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asked 04 Jul '14, 04:43

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