As of late this past week, our v3.2 release is pending. There is one open issue that I need information on but otherwise we're pretty well good to go. You can download the stable pre-release right here: https://github.com/web2project/web2project/archive/master.zip Also, development on v4.0 has begun in earnest. Already there is significant development on the field formatting, lots of cleanup around unneeded and/or dead code, and a number of major restructurings to take advantage of PHP 5.3. If you're willing to live on the bleeding edge, you can check out that version here: https://github.com/web2project/web2project/archive/development-pre-4.0.zip ***v4.0 development should NOT be used in production yet.*** ***UPDATE 12 July 2014*** The version 3.2 release will be official this week and released via normal channels. In the meantime, you can review the repository here: https://github.com/web2project/web2project/tree/version3.2\nor download the full zip file here: https://github.com/web2project/web2project/archive/version3.2.zip

asked 14 Jun '14, 23:50

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caseydk ♦♦
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Hi, I am very much looking forward to the next release and am very thankful for all the work that the community has put into it! I did a test on the 3.2 pre-release and I came across a slight issue. I do apologize I do not have any coding experience and cant come with a solution :( Here is the problem; When I use the 'project designer' to arrange tasks that I create into sub-tasks (with nodes)-using the 'actions' module in the project designer it will show up and work in the project design view. (hooray success!!) However when I go back to the project normal view I cant see the node that it should have created, and the sub-tasks only display after you click on the task-(that should have a node with sub-tasks) you can see the 'child tasks' only under the 'child tasks' tab of the task. I have uploaded a zip with some screenshots of this. If you would like I can provide you a login to my test site to see. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything further? Thankyou,\nMatt [link text][1] [1]: /storage/temp/159-screenshots.zip
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answered 20 Jun '14, 02:19

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answered 20 Jun '14, 02:19

Hi I have also downloaded the Pre release I am having the same problem

(20 Jun '14, 03:16) Peterloveday Peterloveday's gravatar image
I think in sysadmin you can st whthr it is expanded by dfault.\nMaybe in user options.\nIn anycase, we have it set to this. Klaus
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answered 20 Jun '14, 04:09

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answered 20 Jun '14, 04:09

Oh I see .. all thats missing is the little node icon in the main project view. The blue expand button still expands the child tasks! thanks!

(20 Jun '14, 08:50) Projectmanag... Projectmanager101's gravatar image
![alt text][1] Just thought i would add this to visualize the no node button. Sorry if this question has already been raised! ![alt text][2] ![alt text][2] This is what it looks like in our current 3.1 version. [1]: /storage/temp/160-screen+shot+2014-06-21+at+9.03.50+am.png [2]: /storage/temp/163-screen+shot+2014-06-21+at+9.13.12+am.png
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answered 20 Jun '14, 19:16

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answered 20 Jun '14, 19:16

I've seen this one and I'm still trying to resolve it.

(24 Jun '14, 00:41) caseydk ♦♦ caseydk's gravatar image

they are missing since long ......

(24 Jun '14, 03:11) opto ♦ opto's gravatar image
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